My Collection – Text Index

This Page provides a tabulated index of the OO Model Steam Locomotives I’m lucky to have in my own collection.

There is no set theme, although pre-grouping, SW branch lines and preserved loco’s feature strongly, along with specialist operators such as the Longmoor Military Railway.

I also like Pannier and Prairie Tanks, T9’s and things that operate in the SW, or I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.

Some are purchased new, but most come from other sources, typically ebay, auctions and swap sites. Many will be detailed, gently weathered, and DCC fitted, and some will feature within individual posts full of more info, photos and personal thoughts / reviews. Access to these posts can be found via the blog or by clicking the manufactures product reference in the table below.

The table is best viewed on a laptop or high resolution device and can be sorted and searched too. I may provide a gallery index in the future and plan additional tables to list my current wish list (from produced models) and previously owned models.

Man Ref / More InfoRegion ClassRunning No.EraEra / LiveryNotes
Bachmann 31-145NRMGCRRobinsonD11/1 Director ClassNo.5062GCR GreenNRM
Bachmann 30-575 sGWRCollettClass 57xx Pannier Tankn/aPresLined Brown??? / 1500
Bachmann 31-637GWRCollettClass 64xx Pannier TankNo.64125BR Lined Green - LateAs Preserved
Bachmann 31-725NRMGWRChurchwoodClass 3700 'City'No.3440 'City of Truro'3GWR MonogramNRM
Bachmann 31-166NRML&YRAspinallClass 5 L&YR Tank10082Lined BlackNRM
Bachmann 35-076KLB&SCRBillintonClass E4 Brighton TankNo.473 'Birch Grove'PresLBSC Marsh UmberBachmann CC
Bachmann 35-075LB&SCRBillintonClass E4 Brighton TankN.5732LBSC Umbern/a
Bachmann 32-825LMSIvattClass 2MTNo.465215BR Lined Green - Late
LNERGresleyA1 / A3No.4472 'Flying Scotsman'PresLNER GreenNRM
Dapol / MR-???LNER???Y1 Steam Sentinel??????Irish RailwaysLtd
Hornby R2678LSWRDrummondClass M7 No.2522 LSWR Urie GreenHornby CC
Hornby R3204 NRMLSWRDrummondClass M7No.2452LSWR Drummond GreenNRM
Hornby R2892LSWRDrummondT9 'Greyhound'No.120PresLSWR Urie GreenHornby CC
Hornby R2492 sLSWRDrummondT9 'Greyhound'No.3383Ltd Set
Kernow ???LSWRBeattie WellsTankBR Black ??
Bachmann 31-880KMidlandFowlerClass 4FNo.582SDJR Prussian BlueBachmann CC
Bachmann 31-930NRMMidlandJohnsonMidland CompoundNo.10002MR CrimsonNRM /2500
Bachmann 32-150SECRMaunsellN ClassNo.8102SECR - Photo GreyLtd Edition
Bachmann 32-150SECRMaunsellN ClassNo.18633Southern GreenLtd Edition
Model Rail MR105SRUSATCSR S100 USA Class TankNo.300 'Frank S Ross'5LMR - Blue & Red??? / 500
DJ / KernowWDHunslettAusterityNo.196 'Errol Lonsdale'5LMR - Blue & Red??? / 200