All Railway Books – Reviews & Useful Info Index

Now this is an ambitious task – As I add railway books to my collection, or dive into one already on the shelves,  I’ll be providing posts containing thoughts, reviews and other info.

This index page will eventually contains a master index of ALL my books, including those that have left my collection. You can order the columns just like in a spreadsheet, and there is a search box which will quickly filter the table. Where I have written an overview there will be a link to the full post, and some other information may have links too.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and information – and please feel free to add any comments or questions.

How to Go Railway Modelling Simmons, NormanModelling - TipsBUY
British Railways Past and Present - No.17 CornwallMitchell, DavidPast & Present Publishing1993Cornwall - PictorialLib 17
British Railway Wagons – the first half millionRowland, DonLeopard Books1996BR - WagonsLib 17
The GWR in East CornwallBennet, AlanRunpast Publishing1992Cornwall - Pictorial - Historical - LineLib 17
The GWR in Mid CornwallBennet, AlanRunpast Publishing1990Cornwall - Pictorial - Historical - LineLib 17
The GWR in West CornwallBennet, AlanKingfisher Railway Publications1988Cornwall - Pictorial - Historical - LineLib 17
The Golden Years of British Steam TrainsGarratt, ColinMilepost 92 1/21995Steam - PictorialLib 17
Callington RailwaysCromleholme, Stuckey & WhetmattBranchline Handbook1967Historical - Callington Branch Line - LSWR - SRLib 17
Airbrushing for Railway ModellersDent, GeorgeThe Crownwood Press2013Modelling - TipsLib 17
Scenic Modellingde Frayssinet, JohnThe Crownwood Press2013Modelling - TipsLib 17
The Story of Cornwalls RailwaysFairclough. ATor Mark Press1970Cornwall - Historical - Line - GWR - SRLib 17
The Art of WeatheringWelch, MartynWild Swan Publications1993Modelling - TipsLib 17
The 4mm Wagon Part 2Kent, GeoffWild Swan Publications1995Modelling - TipsLib 17
An Artist among the AshesShepherd, DavidNoodle Books2012Historical - Pictorial - SR - BRLib17