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Model Rail Magazine ~ Issue No.192 ~ February 2014

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Issue 192 was published on 23rd January nearly two weeks after Chris Leigh provided a list of contents on RM Web!  Ben Jones’s editorial reflects on the positive response to Hornby’s 2014 range announcement that had been featured in MR191. While steering clear of the politics and debate behind Hornby’s design clever concept,  Jones praises the availability of some new models at lower price points, while reminding others that it is possible to dig out the tool box to add super detailing if required.

Model of the Month, Hornby’s R3168 Railroad BR 8P No.71000 ‘Duke of Gloucester’ is the catalyst to the debate and is featured in a 4 page review. (Note the model has a 3 Pole motor not the 5 pole as mentioned) This is supported with a 5 page Loco Profile feature that has a number of good photos, along with details on recreating six carriage rakes to go behind the model from 1954 until the final run on the Sunny South Special on July 9th 2005

Heljan 88011 AC Railbus and Hornby R3179 Esso Red Sentinel 4wDH diesel shunter also get the thumbs up from the review team, while carriages from Bachmann, Graham Farish and the beautiful LNER Teaks by Golden Age models, along with a number of other products enjoy small reviews.

In the news section feature announcements revolve around the Model Rail Exclusive Diesels by Dapol, Kenow’s O2 and LSWR Gate Stock and theres a first look at Bachmann’s Pipe wagon. Details and a short list for the Model Rail model of the Year 2013 are also provided.

Two model railways feature, both being large exhibition models that demonstrate full length trains. Nine Mills is N gauge, set in the 1960’s and features a large Motive Power Depot and Brewery,  while Stirling Model Railway Club’s DCC railway Elliott Bridge covers more recent era’s on a fictitious Peak District line. Timing is good for Elliot Bridge as a large advert for Model Rail Scotland informs us that it is a exhibit at the February Exhibition ! Photography of both is by Chris Nevard and excellent plans showing photo locations,  and fact files are provided.

The magazines Workbench feature kicks off with an article explaining how to fit Poster and Coach Boards to models, before taking on a rural theme with a look at modelling Crops and Fields which being a Super Test feature is mostly a list / mini review of various products and the building of an N gauge Farm using various Kits and products, a list of which is provided.

Chris Leigh provides thoughts and tips on using Redutex Sheets to renovate a kit building before my favourite project that see’s George Dent really distress a 7mm scale Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0STs using a range of specialist weathering products – again all fully documented in a shopping list that includes web sites and prices.

Other tips include details on building simple Overhead Catenary and there are some excellent answers to readers Q/A’s including the use of a 4B pencil to minimise track cleaning.

Adverts feature prominently with Graham Farish showcasing there Fairburn 2-6-4 tanks, and Hornby their eLink DCC system. Ixion present two industrial shunters prior to any user distressing’ and there is a reminder that useful guide ‘Britains Model Trains 2014’ is on sale now !

Hattons has it’s multi page mini catalogue that highlights the Hornby 2014 Range, plus a number of Bargains such as Bachmann 32-912 Class 108 DMU at £74 (List £134.95) and a Graham Farish DP1 at just £69 (List 116.65).

Rails of Sheffield has one of my price Bench Mark models, Bachmann’s Class 64xx Pannier No.6400 in BR Lined Green retailing at £59.46 and the Hornby Railroad LNER Flying Scotsman A1 with TTS sound at £87.95.

Kenow MRC has it’s bargains picked out in Yellow, noting Bachmann’s LMS Prototype Twins at £97.99 and the new Bachmann shunters trucks at £11.99.

Main Reviews

  • OO – Hornby R3168 – BR 8P 4-6-2 Duke of Gloucester Steam Loco
  • OO – Hornby R3179 – Sentinel 4wDH Diesel Shunter
  • OO – Heljan 88011 – AC Cars Diesel Railbus
  • OO – Bachmann 39-185 – BR MK1 BG Coach in Departmental Olive Green
  • OO – Bachmann 38-427 – Polybulk Bogie Freight Hopper Wagon
  • OO – Hornby R6641A – ex-LMS CCT van in BR Crimson
  • OO – Golden Age Models – Various LNER Coaches – 1938 Flying Scotsman complete rake, LNER Dynamometer Car, Beaver Tail observation Car
  • N – Graham Farish 374-927 – BR MK1 Sleeper Second with Pantry SLSTP Coach in BR Blue/Grey
  • Life Color Paints and Powders
  • Tiny Signs Track Side Posters
  • Dremel Motosaw


  • OO – Elliot Bridge
  • N – Nine Mills

News & Features

  • New Product Announcements 
  • Loco Profile – BR 8P 4-6-2 Duke of Gloucester Steam Loco

Tips (* workbench article)

  • Build Simple Catenary
  • Stencils in weatheringGeorge Dent
  • How to Fit Poster and Coach Boards*
  • How to use Redutex sheets*
  • Build a Model Farm*
  • SUPERTEST – Crops and FIelds*
  • How to Distress an Industrial 0-6-0ST*
  • Q/A’s

Magazine Specifications

  • Full title: Model Rail
  • Editor: Jones, Ben
  • Publisher: Bauer Consumer Media
  • In Shops: Friday 23rd January 2014
  • Price: £3.75
  • Dimensions:
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  • Pages:
  • ISBN: N/A
  • EAN: 9 771369 511117 02
  • Copyright:  Bauer Consumer Media

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